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The Standards NZ website is currently not working properly.

PDFs of standards are not downloading. All that is downloading are tiny 30byte files, not the actual PDF.



Before using Standards New Zealand's Online Library you must agree to the conditions of use required by Standards New Zealand.

Read the Summary Condtions document .

The 3 main points are:
1) you may download one copy of a standard for your private and temporary use.
2) you may print one copy of the downloaded standard for your private and temporary use.
3) you must destroy all copies - electronic or print - when you are no longer a student or employee of Manukau Institute of Technology.

I have read and agree to the conditions of use of the Standards New Zealand Online Library:

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NOTE: You MUST log out, via My Account, when you are finished.

Currently you can only search part of a standard's number e.g. 'AS/NZS 2007.1:2021" or "2007.1:2021" or just "2007". To view a standard click on "View PDF" on the right.

Ignore any reference to purchasing a standard. We pay for your free access to all NZ Standards. Under "Online Library", click on View PDF