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Copyright help

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Copyright Overview

Our CLNZ (Copyright Licensing NZ) license allows us to extend copyright to copy up to 10% or one chapter from a single source.  This allows you to

  • make multiple copies (for distribution to students as handouts or a coursepack) for educational purposes
  • share copied material in print or electronically with students
  • avoid the inconvenience of gaining permission from each individual publisher to copy their work

What does the license cover?

  • books and textbooks
  • newspapers
  • journals and magazines
  • artistic works (such as illustrations) as published in a book


Copyright applies to everything published online. 

  • Websites - check for permission to use its content.  Note: even if there is no copyright statement on the site, it is still protected by copyright.
  • YouTube videos - all online videos are protected by copyright.  You may play videos directly from YouTube in a classroom but you need to check the license or permissions before downloading videos to use for a class.  
  • Commercial videos, DVDs or CDs - get the copyright owner's permission to re-use.

Our ITP music license allows us to use music for educational purposes.

It allows us to:

  • use music in lectures and tutorials
  • play music at MIT events as long as there is no charge for entry
  • make archival records involving music
  • use music for other related teaching and administrative activities at MIT
  • make music available or transmit it via our secure networks like MITNET or CANVAS for educational purposes

Our Screenrights license allows us to copy:

  • any television or radio programme - movies, documentaries, news and current affairs
  • anywhere -  at home or at work
  • from any channel - pay or free-to-air

allows us to download:

  • any legally available AV material - podcasts, vodcasts or programmes from the internet
  • in any format - DVD or hard drive
  • to use for teaching or to keep in the library