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Writing and Presentations


A presentation is where you present information and ideas to an audience. You might use visual aids such as PowerPoint slides or a whiteboard, or you might use notecards or memorise what you want to say. Sometimes, your lecturer might ask you to put information on slides without actually delivering the presentation, but they still want you to make it informative and visually appealing. 

Before working on your presentation, carefully review the assignment guidelines so you know what the requirements are. Determine if there is a certain amount of slides required or a slide limit, what information needs to be included, if images are required, what referencing style should be used, etc. Then, create an outline either on paper, in Word, or in PowerPoint to help you structure the presentation. Once you know what the main topic of each slide will be, you can begin reading materials and writing down ideas with this organisational structure already in place.

If you plan to deliver a presentation in person or online, make sure to give yourself time to practice in advance, either alone or in front of family or friends. For great examples of delivering high-quality presentations, check out TED talks or other engaging public speakers.