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Printing and copying

Preparing to print

All students with a valid MIT ID card are able to print, scan and photocopy on any printer located anywhere on the MIT campuses.

Step 1: You will need to register your MIT ID card on the printer before it can be used for the first time. This guide shows you how. 

Step 2: Add money to your account by topping up online with your credit or debit card. NB: User ID is your MIT Username.


The printing and copier functions are not free. You must top up your account before using these features.

Scanning is free, but you still need to have some money on your account for this to work.

Guides to Printing

How to print, copy and scan at MIT

Printing from own device

Note: You need to download and install Citrix Receiver before you print from your own device at MIT.

Where to find printers

Ōtara Campus NP Block

There are 2 printers in the Library space. There is also a printer downstairs in the cafeteria, as well as scattered about the campus.

Maritime School

A printer is in the library on level 3.

Manukau Campus

There are 3 printers on Level 2: in the Manukau Campus Library space, outside Room 201; and outside Room 212. There are also printers on Level 1 and Level 3 of the Manukau Campus. 

Note: If you need to copy from a library item, ask a library staff member.