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Use the Dewey numbers to find books at the Ōtara Campus library.

Health and Safety 363
Body adornment 391
Hairdressing 646.724
Customer service


New resources

Hair : an illustrated history

Bobs, beards, blondes and beyond, Hair takes us on a lavishly illustrated journey into the world of this remarkable substance and our complicated and fascinating relationship with it. 

Book your chair solid: 150+ tips to grow your business for stylists, salon owners, booth renters, barbershops and spas

Learn about how to gain new hairdressing clients and how to market and promote your hairdressing salon. 

It's all about the client: Business etiquette in the hairdressing industry

Learn about how to operate a hair salon including customer service, sales and etiquette. 

Badass braids

Recreate braids, buns and twists inspired by some of the best historical, sci-fi, and fantasy television shows and movies.

The hair stylist handbook

You'll learn how to create that sought-after "complete look" by learning the newest hair techniques that are in demand on film and television sets.

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