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Education Primary Pasifika

Teaching and Learning Collection

The Teaching & Learning collection in the MIT Ōtara Library includes:

  • Picture books
  • Junior fiction
  • Junior nonfiction
  • A selection of Big books
  • School Journals
  • Māori and Pasifika language resources

Other collections for you to access include:

The kids collections at your local Auckland Library.

English Language Readers


English language readers are levelled for literacy instruction according to the Colour Wheel classification.

Emergent readers     Magenta
Early readers            Red  Yellow  Blue  Green
Fluent readers          Orange  Turquoise  Purple  Gold

Online access

Ready to Read resources are online at Literacy Online: Instructional Series

School Journal


Since 1907, the School Journal has been an important resource for children and teachers in New Zealand schools. It has a special focus on content directly relevant to the lives of students in Aotearoa New Zealand. The School Journal and other related resources such as the Junior JournalConnected and the School Journal Story Library are instructional series published for the Ministry of Education and widely distributed to New Zealand schools. Copies from 2006 onwards are kept in the Teaching and Learning collection, some recent issues are also available online on TKI Literacy Online.

  • From 2011 the concept of "reading age", represented by Guided Reading Level (GRL), has been replaced by Reading Year Level (RYL).
  • Reading Age
    (Old system)
    Up to August 2011   Curriculum Level
    (after August 2011 )
    Guided Reading
    Level (GRL)
    Reading Year
    Level (RYL)
    6-8 years Junior Changes
    Level 2 <8 3
    7-8 years Part One Level 2 8-9 4
    8-9 years Part Two Level 3 9-10 5
    9-11 years Part Three Level 3 10-11 6
    11-13 years Part Four Level 4 11-13 7
          Level 4 12 + 8

Online resources