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Business Administration and Technology

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Accounting 657
Financial services 332
Business 650
Call centre 651.73
Medical administration 651.9
MS Office 005.5


Help for students

We are still here to support you.

Library Services

Follow the links on this page to find articles, books, and webpages relevant to your assignments.

Alternatively you can search the library website using keywords.

Need help on finding information and/or referencing? Email me at or talk to the library on Chat Now.

Learning Services

You can book a virtual appointment with Mona, Candice or Karen via the Library website or click this link

Please e-mail your questions (plus your draft, the assignment question and rubric) before your appointment to

Please add your student number and telephone number when mailing us.

There are also useful resources in our Canvas page.

Use this link to get directly to Academic writing guides.

Watch online

Online health and safety videos - office safety, manual handling and more

Tips on communicating with workmates, the boss or a client Clickview for Trades

Watch New Zealand and overseas TV and video on the course or at home

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